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Portrait Session Tips

*Number one and most important… relax & have fun! If children will be present at the session I like to take a couple minutes at the beginning to get to know them and help them feel comfortable. If you are stressed they can feel it and it will affect them so please remember to be patient and remain calm.

*To make your session a positive experience, please make sure your child is well rested with a full tummy. Please explain to them they will be photographed during the session and this should be fun!

*Please help me keep a close eye on your child(ren)'s face to be sure dirt, boogers or eye sleep does not go unnoticed and ruin a great shot.

*I love to capture candid moments and interactions between my cIients! In order to get the most natural expressions, I stand back and let them do their own thing as much as possible with minimal instruction.

*I have found that being able to interact directly with your little one(s) myself with minimal distraction usually produces the best results however, if I do need a little help getting their attention please stand as close to me as possible so that we can get them looking towards the camera.

*Don't forget to bring suntan lotion and /or bug spray if your session will be taking place outdoors.

*Please limit the amount of people present at the shoot to those who are being photographed so that there are less distractions for the child(ren). Well meaning friends and family can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for children and will take their attention away from me and the camera.

*Absolutely NO cameras at shoot besides mine. It is extremely distracting to both me and those being photographed.